last night on late night

Amy Schumer Will Sit in Her Chair for Late-Night Interviews However She Goddamn Pleases

The chairs celebrities have to sit in for interviews are so restricting: gray, squat little squares that look to box you in and make you presentable. But do you know who’s not going to take it anymore? Amy Schumer! She’s going to resist your chair-sitting norms and procedures and do what she wants, like splay her legs open or lean back into it like a lounge chair. God, Jimmy Fallon, stop commenting on how Amy Schumer wants to sit in her chair. It’s her chair and she can do whatever she wants with it! (All right, we concede that it’s actually your chair, but we’re trying to make the chair a greater metaphor for something, okay?)

Also as the interview goes on, she gets a little Basic Instinct, but like, classy. Guys, this isn’t HBO!

Amy Schumer Resists Your Chair-Sitting Norms