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Andrew Rannells Seems As Shocked As You Are That He’s Wrangling a Gator on Late Night

You know, for a professional wildlife expert, Corbin Maxey sure shouts “oh no!” a lot. Maxey brought a menagerie of cute, scaly, and rat-like buddies to Late Night last night and Andrew Rannells was barely having any of it. Who wouldn’t watch a show in which Andrew Rannells wore the most immaculate, perfectly tailored designer suit and shoes, then had to feed corn to, say, a really wet hippo? The show could also be called Andrew Rannells Really Does Not Want to Put His Hand Near That Animal’s Mouth Please, or Andrew Rannells Has a Lot of Mixed Feelings About Picking Up a Giant Reptile. (Like those tiger cubs, the name is a work in progress.) Ninety percent of the show’s budget would be on the suits.

Andrew Rannells Wrangles a Gator on Late Night