Mads Mikkelsen’s Doctor Strange Character Is Exceedingly Strange and Really Should See a Doctor (You Know, About His Eyes)

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and Zara Phythian film in character for 'Dr. Strange' in New York City

Boy, giving Lecter a real run for his money here, aren’t we? Is his secret weapon the roiling nausea you feel when you peer at his peepers? Mads Mikkelsen’s Doctor Strange villain is, as yet, unnamed and unidentified, but based on photos from the film’s set, we know one thing for sure: His eyes are rill, rill horrifying. One part fantastical iridescent ocular art work, two parts viscerally upsetting medical problem, his eyes would make even Hannibal Lecter lose his appetite. And that guy eats human bodies! Human. Bodies.

Photo: Christopher Peterson/Splash News
Behold, Mads Mikkelsen in Doctor Strange