Billy on the Street’s Elena Is Not a Bernie Fan and Now Your Entire Political Belief System Is Thrown Into Chaos

Uh, good luck picking up the pieces of your shattered political opinions after this one, guys. Cosmopolitan’s Prachi Gupta ran into Billy on the Street fan favorite Elena at yesterday’s Hillary Clinton rally in New York and, despite what you’d assume from her experience with Billy, Elena is not a big fan of charmingly cantankerous men shouting into the void. When asked why she had selected Clinton as her candidate, Elena explained:

Because, to tell the truth, I really can’t stand Bernie Sanders. I used to really like him when he was in the senate and would talk about things I believe in. And in this campaign, I think he is mean, he insults her. She’s smart. I am tired of him just talking about the banks and Wall Street. I am tired; nobody likes the banks and Wall Street! Well, except the banks and Wall Street. But if you destroyed them, then the whole world’s economy is going to go down. You know they are corrupt. But a lot of countries we deal with are corrupted. I lived in Mexico a long time ago, and I keep trying to picture him dealing with the president of Mexico or Putin. He can’t do it. And I hate to talk about people’s age because I’m old, not as old — I don’t know how old he is. There’s something mean about him; I feel it in my gut. And when I saw the ex-senator, the guy from Massachusetts, he’s an ex-senator — Barney Frank. He said, when I saw him on TV, he said that Bernie is a horrible person. And then I saw some other person from the press saying, you know, everyone thinks he is real sweet — he isn’t. They said he is not sweet at all.

Now does the Board of Election let you run back into the voting station and scribble out your ballot? What if you throw a single dollar in their face while you’re doing it, and you’re also screaming about Julianne Moore? Wow, and this is America? Read the rest of the interview over at Cosmopolitan.

Billy on the Street’s Elena Is Not a Bernie Fan