‘Billy on the Street’s Elena on Bernie Sanders: ‘There’s Something Mean About Him’

Now that New York’s primaries are in full swing, it’s time to get an opinion from an everyday New Yorker, and Cosmopolitan recently did just that when they spotted Billy on the Street favorite Elena at a Hillary Clinton rally in the city yesterday and asked her about her thoughts on the Democratic candidates. It turns out that Elena is not at all a fan of Bernie Sanders:

And I hate to talk about people’s age because I’m old, not as old — I don’t know how old he is. There’s something mean about him; I feel it in my gut. And when I saw the ex-senator, the guy from Massachusetts, he’s an ex-senator — Barney Frank. He said, when I saw him on TV, he said that Bernie is a horrible person. And then I saw some other person from the press saying, you know, everyone thinks he is real sweet — he isn’t. They said he is not sweet at all.

The best part of the interview, though, is definitely when the reporter asks Elena for her age, and she abruptly ends the interview in true Elena fashion:

How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? I do mind you asking. For the article. I don’t care. I’m a senior citizen. I get Medicare, which sucks. OK. [Signals she has to leave.]

Read the rest over at Cosmopolitan.

‘Billy on the Street’s Elena on Bernie Sanders: […]