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Former Bush Counsel Creates Website to Fact-check HBO’s Confirmation; Former Bush Counsel Has Too Much Time on Hands

Kerry Washington as Anita Hill. Photo: HBO

Mark Paoletta, a former assistant counsel to George W. Bush (and self-proclaimed personal friend of Clarence Thomas), has started a website, confirmationbiased.com, where he will document what he calls the “false narratives” in the upcoming HBO movie Confirmation. Paoletta claims that the film, about Anita Hill’s (Kerry Washington) sexual-harassment claims against Thomas, is biased against the Supreme Court judge. Paoletta says he will now “devote himself” to fact-checking and correcting what he believes the “pro-Hill” film has gotten wrong. According to The Washington Post, the website will consist of “documents, video footage and other content about the real-life hearings.” Paoletta hasn’t spoken to his BFF Clarence Thomas about this whole thing, but maybe Thomas will come across the blog on his own while Googling himself.

Blog Will Fact-check HBO’s Confirmation