Bones Lawsuit Reveals the Popular Show Somehow Lost Millions, Exposes Extreme Levels of Bones Fandom

Bones 200th Episode Celebration
Photo: Paul Redmond/Getty Images

If you’re secretly a Bones fan, covertly signaling your allegiance to other Boneheads by wearing colorful socks like Seeley or carrying around a decrepit corpse arm like Temperance, take heart. It turns out, everyone on God’s green earth watches your favorite crime procedural. According to a lawsuit filed by the show’s executive producer Barry Josephson, in fact, the show made $518 million during its first seven seasons alone. Despite pulling in over a half a billion dollars, however, Bones somehow lost over $43 million. How is that possible? The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the series’ finances based on a recent audit, and based on the numbers, it’s pretty clear that … uh … um …well … TV shows are insanely expensive to make and distribute? Allegedly? A judge this week sent the suit, as well as one led by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, into arbitration. Man, if this case was the dead body of a missing repo man entombed in a septic tank, Booth and Bones would have gotten to the bottom of it by now.

Bones Lawsuit Reveals How Much Money Bones Lost