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Bravo Orders a Bunch of New Unscripted Shows From Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen, and Some Other Less Famous People

The ‘Crest and Cohen. Photo: Getty Images

Bravo, home to all the Real Housewives-es, is ordering some new unscripted shows. And you were worried you’d run out of stuff to watch someday! Don’t be ridiculous. Among the new series is one from Ryan Seacrest — he brought you Keeping Up With the Kardashians, don’t forget — called Yours, Mine or Ours. The show features couples “looking to make the leap into cohabitation” with the help of real estate agent Reza Farahan from Shahs of Sunset. (Solid overlap.) Also on order is Then and Now With Andy Cohen. Each episode of the show will focus on a year in history, touching on the biggest news stories, pop culture moments, and trends from that year, and discuss how they affect the way we live today. And maybe most importantly is a new show called The Lodge that follows a bunch of people who work in a ski lodge and will probably feel a little bit like season three of Saved By the Bell that took place at the “Malibu Sands Beach Club.” Who knows. Decide for yourself what you want to watch on the elliptical by reading Variety’s full list of Bravo pick-ups.

Bravo Orders New Unscripted Shows