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Cannes Simulates Terrorist Attack Ahead of Film Festival to Prepare for the Worst

Yesterday morning, the city of Cannes conducted a terror-attack simulation designed to test emergency responders and security protocols in preparation for the city’s film festival next month. As the video shows, there were fake explosions, 200 extras who lay “injured” in red vests, and four armed terrorists. The local police, national police, gendarmerie, fire fighters, EMTs, hospital workers and doctors all participated. City security consultant Nitzan Nuriel told The Hollywood Reporter, “You have to be prepared for what we consider a multi-terror event, not only in one place and not only in one hour — in a few places over a few hours.” Though there haven’t been any specific threats made to Cannes, the country has been on alert since last January’s Charlie Hedbo attacks.

Cannes Simulates Terrorist Attack