Twilight Zone Reboot Will Be Interactive, Leading Your Pee to Interact With Your Pants

Photo: Interlude/CBS

Yup, we can all agree: The only problem with the original Twilight Zone is that it wasn’t unsettling enough. TheWrap reports that CBS’s new Twilight Zone reboot will be composed of interactive video, which will allow the audience to “change and adapt the story based on what he or she feels.” The show’s format, presumed to be live-action with a gaming element, is being developed by Interlude, a digital company that has produced interactive music videos, advertisements and, soon, all your most squeal-inducing nightmares. Bioshock creator Ken Levine will both write and direct the show’s pilot. Based on the original series, the viewer’s narrative choices in each episode of the Twilight Zone reboot will likely include: “it was the planet Earth all along,” “the old lady was actually an alien,”  and, or course, “the devil somehow got that marionette and, man, is he pissed.”

CBS Twilight Zone Reboot Will Be Interactive