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We Can Promise You With Near Certainty That These Photos Are of Neil Patrick Harris As Count Olaf and Not Just Some Random Old Man

Is this Neil Patrick Harris? Or is it just a random old man we’re telling you is Neil Patrick Harris? You’ll never know. Except – okay, fine, yes, it’s him. Honestly. He’s playing Count Olaf in the new Netflix remake of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and damn that makeup is good. If you saw that guy walking down the street, you’d cross to the other side, not knowing that you missed an opportunity for an NPH autograph. While we’d like to give all the credit to the hair and makeup department, but you gotta hand it to costumes for knowing that those shoes without socks are the most haunting part of the whole situation. The series is set to debut on Netflix later this year.

There he is! Photo: TheImageDirect.com
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