Chris Gethard on Diddy’s ‘TCGS’ Appearance: ‘It’s More Real Than You’re Assuming’

Last week’s taping of The Chris Gethard Show was originally supposed to feature special guest Pete Holmes, but as this first clip from the episode shows, the episode turned out just a little bit different in the form of a visit from the one and only Sean “Diddy” Combs, who also appeared on the show at UCB back in 2011 (read Gethard’s post about it here). In the clip, Diddy makes a surprise entrance through the “Diddy Door” and fights with TCGS executive producer Zach Galifianakis over the phone, but it looks like this is one of those TCGS episodes we’ll have to see in full judging by Gethard’s strange comments to Noisey on the experience:

Well, here’s the thing. You’ll have to watch the episode, because we did the taping and we had a lot of people saying, “Was that real?” People were wondering how real it was and how much was a stunt. Really, the best I can say is, you’ll watch it and think there are elements that clearly aren’t real, but I promise you there are also aspects of it that are far more real than I can explain. You’ll watch it and say, “This is like an Andy Kaufman thing, right?” And I’m willing to cop to the fact that yes, there are elements of that that are not real. But it was all borne out of complete necessity and it’s more real than you’re assuming. I know that’s a confusing answer. When you’re dealing with someone like Diddy, you work on Diddy’s timeline and you work on Diddy’s schedule. He really is a force of nature and has a lot of gravity around him. So you have to orbit around him. It’s weird, I don’t want to reveal how much was and wasn’t real.

And here’s what Gethard told us about the episode last week:

Everything that happened at that taping was both less real and way more real than I can possibly explain. Also – upon arriving Diddy didn’t just allow, but almost insisted that our cameras track his backstage experience. And we’re editing a bunch of that footage into the show itself for next week, because it’s magical.

So how, exactly, does this part-real, part-fake Diddy episode work? All will be revealed when the episode airs on Fusion tonight at 10:00pm, so for now we’ll just have to wait.

Chris Gethard on Diddy’s ‘TCGS’ Appearance: ‘It’s More […]