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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May Once Again Attempt (and Quickly Fail) to Name Their Motoring Show

Amazon Prime has released a teaser for its upcoming motoring show starring the merry band of hooligans Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, and it’s sure to make you nostalgic for the old Top Gear days. Remember the Reliant Robin? Hamster’s strong hatred of Genesis? Captain Slow getting mercilessly made fun of? Of course you do! (We’ll discuss the rebranded Top Gear another time.) But until new memories are made on an even newer internet-streaming service, let’s revel in the fact that the trio have yet to solidify a name for the show — set to debut in the fall — by watching them throw around suggestions like Automates and A Small Puddle of Excellence with cheeky gusto.

In the newest teaser below, the chaps are back at it again with the “brainstorming” and Jeff Bezos is clearly not amused with their lack of results. Just let ’em eat their custard creams and browse the Ray Ban website in peace, okay? They’ll think of a name … eventually. Also, for those of you who were hopeful that “Gear would appear in the show’s name, prepare for a disappointment: Jezza clarified on Twitter that it wouldn’t be possible due to “legal reasons.” (Ending a bit of friendly speculation that Gear Knobs was a front-runner.) First the Stig, now this? Boo.

Clarkson, Hammond, and May Try to Name Show