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Stephen Colbert Teaches Hillary Clinton to Eat Cheesecake Like the Internet Isn’t Watching, But It Is — It’s Always Watching

Did you know that the New York primary is today? You can tell by the sweet, sweet smell of politicians pretending to like hot dogs, rainbow bagels, that weird gelatin thing they make at Smorgasburg, and, of course, cheesecake. But Hillary doesn’t actually eat the cheesecake, ever, because she doesn’t want to eat in front of the press, which is too bad because it became a meme anyway. So, on last night’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert jammed fistfuls of the caloric delight straight into his mouth instead, and left Hillary with the check. This is a metaphor for America, probably, but right now we’re too hungry to figure it out.

Colbert Interviews Clinton in a Deli