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Conan O’Brien Appears in a K-Pop Video and Hosts North Korea’s First Late-Night Talk Show

For his latest trip abroad, Conan O’Brien traveled to South Korea — and, briefly, to North Korea — where he partook in all the highlights of the local culture, like K-pop, Korean TV drama, and making fun of North Korea. In a music video (above), Conan and Walking Dead star Steven Yeun teamed up with J.Y. Park, Jimin Park, and the Wonder Girls to produce “Fire,” which appears to rely on some sort of metaphor where K-pop stands in for Fireball whiskey. Regardless, it’s a banger.

Conan and Yeun also took a trip to the DMZ, where they crossed a few feet into North Korean territory to host North Korea’s first-ever talk show (excluding any Avery Jessup–starring programs the government doesn’t want us to know about). On the show within the show, the pair also showed a Walking Dead clip, which included bunch of spoilers for those not caught up. If Kim Jong-un’s a Dead fan, then TBS might take heed from Sony and watch its back.

Conan Does K-Pop, Visits North Korea