‘Conan’ Producer Jordan Schlansky Wants Every American to Carry Preparation H Wipes

Last month, Conan O’Brien met up with producer Jordan Schlansky for a comprehensive and unpaid review of his favorite body groomer, and last night the two met up again so Schlansky could review another hygiene product he can’t live without: Preparation H wipes. “I think everyone’s encountered situations where they found the quality and/or quantity of toilet paper available to them in a public space was inadequate,” Schlansky explains. “I believe every American should carry one of these with them at all times.” Whether or not you decide to take Schlansky’s advice to heart, one thing’s for sure – it’s nice to see that Preparation H product placement is still very welcome on O’Brien’s late night show.

‘Conan’ Producer Jordan Schlansky Wants Every American […]