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Degrassi Will Be Back to Fulfill All Your Canadian Teen Drama Needs This Summer

Our hormones are already raging. Photo: Netflix

As OG Degrassi fans in the U.S. (we know you’re among us) have learned, keeping up with its latest incarnation, Degrassi: Next Class, has been a bit of an adjustment since the switch from TeenNick to Netflix. For its surprisingly excellent inaugural season, the episodes rolled out first in Canada, then made their debut all at once on Netflix earlier this year. Normally, Next Generation seasons would tick off every teen-drama trope imaginable over the course of 20-plus episodes, but Netflix is doing things the 10-episode way, breaking up the show’s first 20 episodes into two shorter seasons. (Whatever it takes.) And now we have an announcement of when it’s coming back: Degrassi: Next Class will go there yet again on July 22 for a second hashtag-filled season, in which we will hopefully learn what happened with Miles, Hunter, and that gun. (Yep, would-be school shootings are still very much going strong at Degrassi High.) If the next class is anything like the last class, well then you can assume Miles and Hunter are already off on an angst-fueled bender just waiting for some unsuspecting girl (or Esme, yikes) to save them from themselves. Never change, Degrassi.

Degrassi Will Return This Summer