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Disney, Not Content With Growing Up Either, Is Making Its Own Live-Action Peter Pan Movie

Have we learned nothing? Photo: Disney

Just when you thought Hollywood had hit peak stunted growth, they’ve gone and allowed Peter Pan to fly another day. Yep, now Disney wants to make a live-action Peter Pan, too, which makes the most sense, considering they’re responsible for its greatest adaptation yet. David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon) will direct and co-write the film, with Toby Halbrooks. In the 63 years since Disney’s animated version, a live-action iteration of the boy who never grows up has happened both on film and TV no less than five times — most famously with the 1991 Robin Williams-starring Hook (the best of the bunch);  2003’s Peter Pan; NBC’s Peter Pan Live! starring Allison Williams as Pan (feel free to reprise!); and, of course, last year’s universally panned Pan.

But if you think Pan’s gradual decline in popularity with the kids is going to keep Disney from rescuing the franchise, think again. The studio’s on a live-action kick, with Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book up next along with a live-action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson; Cruella de Vil, possibly with Emma Stone; Tim Burton’s Dumbo; and that weird Snow White sister spinoff all in the pipeline. So yes, like Peter Pan, this live-action trend is never growing old.

Disney’s Making a Live-Action Peter Pan Movie