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DJ Khaled’s Most Major Key Yet: He’s Joining Beyoncé’s Formation Tour

They don’t want you to slay, trick.

Beyoncé’s Formation Tour won’t be another husband-and-wife affair, but it will still hit an extremely major key: DJ Khaled has announced he’s been added to her Formation stadium tour (as the opener, we assume), which coincidentally kicks off in his hometown of Miami next week, because Beyoncé really is just that in formation at all times. In a since-deleted post on Instagram, Khaled, speaking for us all, has shared his elation at the thought of getting to breath the same air as our queen:

#MAJOR🔑 alert Today I proudly announce a major milestone in my career. Today’s announcement is a major accomplishment in my life. In other words it’s a major achievement alert!!!! I am proud to announce that I, DJ Khaled will be on tour with the icon, Beyoncé!!!!! Fan luv, when I tell you that prayer is the so powerful, please believe me. I want to thank the incomparable icon Beyoncé for this tremendous opportunity of a lifetime. Your music is the soundtrack to so many people’s lives across the globe. Your legacy is a blueprint for the young generation to follow and strive to be. You are the true definition of a superstar. Thank you so much for inviting me on your stage. I promise you this! I’m gonna rip it down so legendary!!!!!! When I was a kid THEY told me no when I wanted to DJ and perform in the club! So guess what, I did!!! OPEN FOR BEYONCÉ!!!!!! Fan luv we did it! We made on the stage with the Queen. Get ready to feel passion pain success and tears of joy in a STADIUM NEAR YOU!!!!! Miami, see you soon!!! I’ll be on stage with Beyoncé on April 27th and then I’ll be on the road to more success. Thank you again Beyoncé for making this dream come true for me. I will never stop fan luv. Bless up!!

Watch Khaled’s incredible announcement below and get inspired:

DJ Khaled Joins Beyoncé’s Formation Tour