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Sony’s Emoji Movie Will Use Apps in Its Plot, Which Makes You Feel a Little [Sweating Smiley Face]

This children’s movie will seem a lot less weird once we’ve achieved the singularity. According to TheWrap, Sony’s upcoming emoji movie will integrate Spotify and other smartphone apps into the film’s plot. On Tuesday, SPA president Kristine Belson said the film, written by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis, will play with the literal meanings of online culture. For example, emoticons will explore the digital world outside Emoji Valley by “having characters navigate boats on an actual stream to represent music streaming.” Uh-huh. Sort of an Amelia Bedelia for the modern era, if you will. God help that woman if she were alive in our modern era. She’d be dead the first time she tried to cram her face in a book. Crushed under a pile of lumber when logging off.

Don’t Fret, Sony’s Emoji Movie Will Feature Apps