What a Time for Drake and Future to Go on Tour Together

Big tings. Photo: Getty Images

That tiny speck allegedly on top of the CN Tower you might know as Drake has another tour for you, and it’s with Future … again. They previously toured together on Drake’s 2013 run for Would You Like a Tour? — which Future famously almost got himself kicked off of, if you believe the rumors — but that was long before their collaborative album What a Time to Be Alive existed. Time for a do-over! Drake has announced that Future will join him on his Summer Sixteen tour (named after the Drake song and, you know, this summer), which kicks off in Austin on July 20 and ends in Vancouver on September 17 — with stops in both Toronto and Atlanta, of course. Drake and Future have yet to drop any music videos for WATTBA, but if there’s ever a time for Taylor Swift to relive her treadmill face-plant to “Jumpman” (the only video this song ever needs), it’s on Drake’s stage.

In addition to the tour, Drake has also announced his seventh annual OVO Fest in Toronto, which this year will be headlined by himself, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and whatever other Drake-y things Drake has up his sleeve. (Hi, Rihanna. Hi, Taylor.)

Drake Announces Summer Sixteen Tour With Future