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Dr. Dre Performs With N.W.A at Coachella — For Real, Not As a Hologram or Anything

Gangsta Rap Group N.W.A
Photo: Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

Unless you’re Gene Simmons, in which case you’re probably too busy waiting for the death of rap to read this story, you’re about to see something no one has seen in a long, long time: Dr. Dre performing with N.W.A After a performance of “Straight Outta Compton” at Coachella last night, Ice Cube said to the crowd, “You know, we missing somebody. Is there a Doctor in the motherfucking house?” and the Beats mogul joined N.W.A onstage, ripping into the classic “Still D.R.E.” The rap outfit had a pseudo-reunion when Ice Cube performed with DJ Yella and MC Ren earlier at this year’s Coachella, and Dre released his first album in 16 years last year, but this is the closest to a full-fledged N.W.A reunion that we can get, short of resurrecting the dead (which Coachella has been known to do, so). Also, Kendrick Lamar joined the group on stage, which you can see in the videos below.

Watch Dr. Dre Perform With N.W.A at Coachella