glorious returns

EW Unveils Their Gilmore Girls Return Cover: Clear Eyes. Full Mugs. Can’t Lose.

Today is the day we truly become Gilmore Women. EW’new issue covers the return of Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham to Stars Hollow, a quaint little town which is about to experience devastating flooding on account of your nostalgic tears. Says Graham about the show’s revival, “You know how you finish college and you’re a few years older and you’re like, ‘I wish I could go do this now ‘cause I would appreciate it so much more and understand it and get more out of it’? That’s the opportunity I have this with and I appreciate every day that I’m here.” Ho boy. You should just run down to Costco with a semi truck now and stock up on lotion Kleenex, because you are going to be dehydrated from sobbing. EW also sussed out “some information” on the show’s infamous four final words, presumably how you write that verklempt emotional choking sound in four words or less. Wait a minute, that is four! We got it!

Photo: Entertainment Weekly
EW Unveils Gilmore Girls Return Cover