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See: Exclusive Clip and Poster for Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt’s R-Rated Animated Buddy-Comedy Nerdland

R-rated animated movies are sweeping the film-festival circuit, and a month after the triumphant screening of Seth Rogen’s CGI Sausage Party at SXSW, we have the hotly anticipated, hand-drawn Nerdland coming to the Tribeca Film Festival. Within minutes of introducing its main characters — aspiring L.A. screenwriter Elliot (voiced by Patton Oswalt) and aspiring actor John (Paul Rudd) — we see Elliot fucking a blow-up doll and a closeup of John’s anus as he bends over and rips his pants. There’s so much nudity and violence in this comedy, directed by Chris Prynoski (who started out on Beavis and Butt-Head) and written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en), about two buddies who decide to become infamous before their 30th birthdays, that surely the only reason it managed to squeak by with an R rating is because it’s a cartoon. There’s also police brutality; chloroforming an old lady; tits galore; and the vocal talents of Hannibal Buress, Mike Judge, and Molly Shannon. Check out this exclusive clip of John and Elliot’s first failed attempt at fame: handing over all their money ($144 and change) to a homeless man and trying to film their altruism.

And here’s another exclusive, Nerdland’s poster, hot off the digital presses:

And its red-band trailer!

Exclusive Clip: Rudd & Oswalt’s R-Rated Nerdland