mighty morphin' power rangers

Elizabeth Banks Is a Very District One Rita Repulsa in the New Power Rangers Movie

Ahhhhhh, after 10,000 years in hair and makeup, she’s free! EW has your first look at Elizabeth Banks as villain Rita Repulsa in Lionsgate’s new Power Rangers film, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted — if overdefined face contouring and emerald bikini armor are the things you’ve wanted. But where is Rita’s comically oversize hat? And how will she destroy the Levi’s commercial that is her cohort of enemies without her trademark staff? She must have to lasso them with that rope around her neck, which, otherwise, seems like a real choking hazard.

Get me the best shiny contact lenses in the business. Photo: Tim Palen/Entertainment Weekly
First Look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa