FX Developing a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine for Adults’ Produced by Dan Harmon

FX has a new comedy project in development with the backing of Dan Harmon. According to Deadline, the network has put into development a half-hour comedy called Happy City, which is described as “Thomas the Tank Engine or Theodore the Tugboat for adults” and written by Jon Eidson and Nick Smith of the LA-based sketch group Extremely Decent. Produced by Dan Harmon and Starburns Industries, the series centers on “a young taxi named Tyler and his millennial friends (a firetruck and a helicopter) as they navigate their way through life in the big city. The world of the series will be reminiscent of the model-based visual style of children’s shows such as Thomas the Tank Engine, using models with animated faces to comedically explore adult themes such as broken relationships, workplace struggles, and existential crises.” Eidson and Smith will write and also serve as co-executive producers on the project.

FX Developing a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine for Adults’ […]