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Let’s Talk About the Game of Thrones Premiere

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

While we wait for Vulture’s official Game of Thrones recap to go up, here’s a place for us all to discuss the events of Sunday night’s season-six premiere, “The Red Woman.” To keep things safe for any non-viewers who might have clicked this post by accident, we’ll stay vague in this intro, but feel free to let your spoiler banner fly in the comments. What would be the sigil of House Spoiler? Perhaps someone closing their eyes, putting their fingers in their ears, and going “Nyah-nyah, I can’t hear you!” (Dunno if that would be easy to represent in heraldry, though.)

As usual, most of this episode was a setup for the rest of the season, from Cersei’s tearful mourning of Myrcella to Dany’s war of words with a khal. But there were a few stand-out moments: the Dorne murders, Brienne and Sansa’s beautiful oath to one another, and of course, Melisandre’s big reveal: She was an old crone all along! What else struck you in this ep? Did you miss Bran and Sam? And what’d you think of how off-book the story is going, book readers? Discuss!

Game of Thrones Is Back: Let’s Discuss!