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The Gilmore Girls Revival Will End With Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Famously Secret Four Words, So Get Ready to Be in a Glass Case of Emotion

We have just gotten word from the TV gods that Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival will, in fact, end with Gilmore Girls’ creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s famously secret, pre-planned four words. (For the plainly ignorant, also how dare you: She was going to end Gilmore Girls with these four words initially, but  was not a part of what was previously the final season, season seven. So nobody ever got to hear ‘em!) This will probably be the most emotional five seconds of the Gilmore Girls revival, closely followed by every other second of the Gilmore Girls revival.

By the way, Yanic Truesdale says (brags, really) that he knows the four words, because he’s read the script. Ooh lala.  He can’t tell us what they are, of course, but told US Weekly: “I know them because I read the script! I always felt it was intriguing, like everyone else. I was like, ‘How does she know the last four words?’ But when I read it, I was like, ‘Oh, okay. That makes sense.’ I can see now why she knew that that would be said.” So, not only do we know Gilmore Girls will end with the hallowed four words, we know that they will also be PERFECT. Wow. Try to pay attention to your self-care during your impending Gilmore Girls binge-viewing, everyone. Maybe preemptively call out of work the next day. If recovering from the emotional whirlwind of watching the Gilmore Girls revival isn’t cause for a personal day, then what, is, really? (The answer is: “calling off your engagement with Max Medina.”)

Gilmore Girls to End With the Secret Four Words