the greekquel

A Greek Reunion Movie Is in Development, and It’s Called Greek: The Reunion. Good One.

Such Greeks. Photo: ABC Family

With the the critically acclaimed … ish My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 hogging the headlines, Freeform had an idea. Why not bring back more things that have “Greek” in the title, like, perhaps, the show Greek? Freeform announced at its upfronts today they’ll be bringing the show back in the form of a TV movie called Greek: The Reunion. (Also on the table were: Greek: The Gree-union and It Greeks of a Reunion in Here! ) The original show ran from 2007 to 2011 and focused on students at Cyprus-Rhodes University in Ohio (so fake), who’ve joined the school’s Greek system. No, not like for their language requirement. Like, for partying. The series starred Clark Duke, Scott Michael Foster, Spencer Grammer, Paul James, Amber Stevens, Jacob Zachar, and Jake McDormand, but no word on who’s planning on starring in the movie that should have been called Greek 2: The Greekquel.

Greek Reunion Movie in Development