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Can You Guess the Most Popular Force Awakens Baby Name?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Would you name your sister Rey? Photo: Film Frame

If people were still naming their kids  in 2014, you’d better believe there would eventually be a whole Blue Squadron’s worth of babies named after The Force Awakens. According to, there are! The site has been monitoring baby-name trends for the first few months of 2016 and has found what it says is evidence of a Star Wars baby bump. Excluding names like Lucas or Luke, the most popular Star Wars name was Leia, which already had a solid foundation of popularity: It jumped from No. 361 to 212. (Unlike the Social Security Administration, which provides cold, hard government data, BabyCenter only gives us ranks.) A few people have chosen to tempt fate and name their child Kylo, which just misses the top thousand, coming in at No. 1,165.

But the largest placement jump comes from Rey, which the site says went all the way from the 14,000th-most-popular name all the way to No. 2,784. That seems to be just for female babies; according to the SSA, Rey has been hovering around the lower reaches of the top-1,000 for boy names, peaking in 2006 with 236 births. The site didn’t give any data for Finn or Poe, but according to the SSA, the former has been steadily growing in popularity for a decade, with 1,567 baby boys named Finn in 2014. Poe has never been in the top 100, but if you want to choose an original name, proclaim your love of Oscar Isaac, and honor the legacy of Gothic horror, we can’t think of a better choice.

Guess the Most Popular Star Wars Baby Name