We Know You Gotta Satisfy Your Hamilton Fix, So Here Are Two Great Videos

There is almost nothing more fun than writing songs in the style of Hamilton’s opening number. Just ask those crazy kids who wrote a Jeb Bush musical or Vulture’s own Nate Jones. At the 30th annual Easter Bonnet Competition, the Hamilton cast got in on the fun, doing a Sweeney Todd version of the song and giving away a good portion of the plot. Pay special attention to how loud the crowd gets for everyone’s boyfriend Daveed Diggs, who delivers the great line, “The barber was ready for judges’ jugulars he could mop up.”

What’s that you say: One video just isn’t enough? Well, here’s one more. In today’s #Ham4Ham Lin-Manuel Miranda premiered a remix of “The Schuyler Sisters” and Lil Buck danced to it. Don’t get too happy, though. This video all but assures that you maniacs are gonna buy out all the copies of the Hamilton Mixtape too.

Hamilton Does Sweeney Todd