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Alexander Hamilton’s Real-Life Descendants Talk Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton
So Ham-some. Photo: Getty Images

Since the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton on Broadway, Alexander Hamilton’s real-life relatives are getting a taste of that sweet, sweet celeb life. “There has never been a better time to be a Hamilton descendant,” said Doug Hamilton, a fifth great-grandson of the Alexander Hamilton. That can’t be true. What about the year that … Or, uh, hmm, even that one time where … Gosh! He’s right! This is the time, Hamilton family! Weeks after the musical opened, eight members of the Ham Fam (we’re making that a thing) spanning three generations joined together at the New-York Historical Society’s annual fund-raiser to meet Lin-Manuel. Jealous yet? Well, don’t get too jealous. While the Ham Fam has been fielding ticket requests for the musical, third great-grandson 80-year-old David Hamilton Rhinelander hasn’t even seen the show yet because he doesn’t want to pay $1,000 for a ticket. Seems like he should be getting some sort of discount, but not to worry — he did see some clips and declare, “A hip-hop Hamilton is quite a thing!” Indeed. Indeed it is. Read the full story and see a photo of the Ham Fam in The Hollywood Reporter.

Hamilton’s Descendants Talk Hamilton