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HBO Announces Game of Thrones Recap Show After the Thrones, Making GOT One of Those Games Like Monopoly That Takes Forever to Wind Down

Photo: HBO

Game of Thrones is getting a recap show, HBO has announced. Less cleverly titled than Talking Dead, After the Thrones is the first product of Bill Simmons’s deal with HBO. It will be hosted by the Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan of the Ringer, Simmons’s new site, with Simmons onboard as executive producer. Greenwald and Ryan are old veterans of the GoT recap business, having hosted Grantland’s (RIP Grantland) Watch the Throne podcast. Starting this season, After the Throne will recap each week’s GoT episode, “offering absurd and not-so-absurd theories about future episodes.” May the Game begin and then may the Game end and then may the forum for overthinking the Game begin.

HBO Announces Game of Thrones Recap Show