Help Fund an R-Rated Animated Film Starring Sam Rockwell, Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Coogan, and More

The animation studio behind Wonder Showzen and Ugly Americans is turning to Indiegogo to fund a new animated movie. Titled The Adventures of Drunky, the R-rated feature stars Sam Rockwell, Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Coogan, Nina Arianda, Dave Attell, and Tyler the Creator and centers on “Drunky (Rockwell), a barfly who finds himself in the middle of a cosmic bet between God (Tambor) and the Devil (Coogan) over the fate of the Earth. With his life destroyed, Drunky must travel through Heaven and Hell to rescue the girl he loves (Arianda) and save the world. Assisting Drunky on his quest are an alley cat (Tyler The Creator) and a demon (Attell).” Noël Wells, Abby Elliott, John Leguizamo, Jon Glaser, Jay Pharoah, James Adomian, Larry Murphy, Rachel Butera, and Randy Pearlstein round out the voice cast. The film will be directed by Aaron Augenblick, and if it’s fully funded on Indiegogo, the producers claim it will make the first animated feature film produced in Brooklyn. Here’s more from the project’s Indiegogo page:

The budget to finish our movie is $2 million. While that may sound like a lot, it’s actually an extremely low budget compared to other animated features being made. On average we are talking a WHOPPING $150 MILLION! But by working on an independent budget we don’t need to answer to any studio “standards and practices” and can produce the movie we really want to make. Our $100,000 target is our minimum viable goal to get to the next step of production (design and thumbnails, specifically). But we want to smash through this to finish all the other necessary elements for the movie.

Head over to the Indiegogo page to contribute, and check out the campaign video featuring Jeffrey Tambor and Tyler The Creator below:

Help Fund an R-Rated Animated Film Starring Sam […]