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How the Dark Aesthetic of Jessica Jones Was Created in NYC

It’s hard to imagine now that Netflix’s critically acclaimed — and often very dark — superhero drama Jessica Jones was first developed for network television. Creator and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg, who famously adapted the Twilight series of books for the big screen, discussed that and other show details in a wide-ranging interview about why shooting the Marvel series (starring Krysten Ritter as the titular private detective-superhero) on location all over New York City is the series’ secret weapon.

Rosenberg spoke to Vulture’s Stacey Wilson Hunt and Bloomberg’s Katherine Oliver for the second episode of The City of Scenes, a new, limited-run podcast jointly produced by Vulture and Bloomberg that discusses TV and film made in New York City. Listen in as she reflects on the pressures of pleasing Marvel fans, shooting on NYC city streets in the dark, and how they pulled off that insane East Village bar explosion scene.

How Jessica Jones Was Shot at Night in NYC