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Is Jane the Virgin Going to Kill Michael? An Investigation

Chapter Five
Dark times loom ahead. Photo: Danny Feld/CW

Jane and Michael are together at last. They’ve weathered some rough patches, specifically a challenge from the unbelievably good-looking Rafael Solano, but the show made it clear that Michael has, forever and always, been The One. Jane is no Olivia Pope, after all, the kind of protagonist who pings wildly between two men. When she chose Michael this season, it felt definitive. The rest of season two has seen the couple skillfully navigate their reunion, including sorting out a living situation suitable to both parties and dealing with some sour feelings from the Cordero in-laws. The way things are going, it would take nothing short of an act of God to drive them apart. This is why, dear reader, we hate to bare this suspicion to light: Michael is going to die.

Like any good telenovela, Jane the Virgin thrives on romantic tension: Its engine roars when there’s a love triangle; hearts flutter with a glance. (Or other things.) But with the tension having effectively disappeared, there’s only one logical way for the story to unravel, and that requires the worst possible fate for Michael Cordero, Miami cop and all-around good guy. (Death, or we could also see a coma happening — more on that below.) It would be devastating, heartbreaking, and really good television. We’ve laid out exactly why we think that the season two finale is only going to bring bad news to Team Michael.

The narrator foreshadowed it.
Our beloved narrator, the Virgil guiding us through the Divine Comedy, uttered a phrase that is the, ahem, nail in the coffin. In season one’s “Chapter 10,” the Villanuevas were facing the threat of Alba’s deportation. Upon hearing the news, Michael steps in to make sure that doesn’t happen, good news he relays to Xiomara. “You still love her, don’t you?” asks Xo, referring to Jane. Michael replies, “
I’m not just going to give up on us. We belong together, and I’ll never stop believing that.” Our omnipresent narrator closes by saying, “And for as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did.”

He’s a cop!
Of all of the characters, Michael regularly puts his life on the line. This is just part of a job that entails tracking down international crime bosses! Michael has already almost died, but it was his former partner Nadine who took the bullet for him. Our Spidey senses tell us that Rafael’s long-lost brother is definitely involved in some shady Mutter-related dealings and that his presence might spell trouble for Michael. (If Michael dies saving Rafael, could Jane ever forgive him?)

Someone’s stalking him.
The final scene of last night’s episode was an ominous one: Someone is stalking Michael and taking photos of him with one of those long-range stalker cameras. It’s possible he’s just a great admirer, but with a handful of episodes left to go in season two, we assume danger is lurking.

Rogelio has given Michael his blessing.
In a hiccup during their brogeliomance, Michael apologizes to Rogelio about the bachelor party, which he originally didn’t want to invite him to. In typical, perfect son-in-law fashion, he’s honest and heartfelt, and tells Rogelio that his opinion means a lot. “You’re massaging my heart, Michael Cordero!” Rogelio says during their couple’s massage. “And just for the record, I couldn’t imagine anyone better for Jane. You are my dream man.” The show is making every effort to tell us that Michael is the perfect guy … before they kill him.

Jane and Michael have already exchanged their vows.
During that same episode, Michael and Jane exchange their vows. Jane said she’s been having trouble with her vows and effectively delivers hers: 

Tonight I realized it’s simple: With you, you make me feel safe in the best way. My mom kept telling me to lose control, but I couldn’t until you got here. Because I know you’re watching over me. Instead of me always having to watch over everyone else. So tonight is not my last night of freedom. It’s my first night of freedom.

In turn, Michael tells Jane, “When it comes to my feelings for you, you’re the only person that I want to share those with. So I was wondering if we didn’t put those vows in the program, but instead I told you them right now.” Why would we need to see their vows before the wedding, huh?

It would preserve the title of the show.
Part of Jane’s character has been her faith in Catholicism and her desire to keep her virginity until marriage. She’s had a few close calls, but her belief that sex is sacred and should be shared with someone you love is one of her defining traits. If Jane marries Michael, they would inevitably have sex, but if something bad happens to him, then Jane would have to ask the question that Cher herself once famously asked: Do you believe in life after love?

But wait — maybe there’s hope!
There is always the possibility that we’re completely wrong! This is a conspiracy theory after all. We could also envision a few different ways this could go: Michael could end up on a respirator in a coma, which could reboot the entire love triangle. (There’s a time jump; Jane falls back in love with Rafael and then — poof! — Michael wakes up.) Or maybe Jane waits for Michael, but when he wakes up he’s an amnesiac. (Classic soap opera trope!) Whatever happens though, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Is Jane the Virgin Going to Kill Michael?