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Jeff Goldblum Sounds Like He Used Chaos Theory to Answer This Question About Jurassic Park Sequels

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Life finds a way, but boy, it really struggled when it came to Jeff Goldblum’s response to a question about a Jurassic Park sequel. Really slipping around in the primordial ooze there. When the Independence Day: Resurgence star was asked if he would consider appearing as Dr. Ian Malcolm in any upcoming Jurassic films, Goldblum told Fandango, “Yes, in 20 years! Nah, I have no plans. They’re doing very well without me.” He did concede that a Goldblum cameo would enhance any and all future Jurassic sequels, explaining, “Yes, yes, but what movie doesn’t need a little seasoning of Goldblum? So few. The Danish Girl? No, not really. Not that one.” Incorrect. Everyone would absolutely love seeing Jeff Goldblum in a sequel to The Danish Girl, ostensibly called The Danish World. Eddie Redmayne can open a doorknob with his talons, so the narrative challenges would be different, but people would flock to the theater. When asked if he would at least consider a sequel appearance, Goldblum eventually acquiesced in the most Goldblum way possible. “I’m nothing if not open. I’m like an open-faced sandwich,” he mused. “My door is not always open — I took the door off. I removed the hinges from the door. I’m too open. I’m like a chicken piccata. What was I about to say? Oh yes, the two [Jurassic] movies I did with them were plenty. If I never did anything more, I’d certainly be well satisfied.” Prepare for him in a gaping black shirt and a large volume of chest oils. Just in case.

Jeff Goldblum Addresses Jurassic Sequel Rumors