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John Oliver Enlists Sesame Street’s Elmo and Oscar to Get the Government to Care More About Lead Poisoning

John Oliver’s major topic on Last Week Tonight was lead poisoning, but it isn’t just lead in the waters at Flint, Michigan, that’s a publichealth problem, but lead still present around the country. Oliver commits to some good old chastising of three Republicans in particular, Mark Meadows, Tim Walberg, Jason Chaffetz, for being so concerned — concerned! — about Flint while voting to reduce the funding necessary to remove lead from homes in another bill. But you know who’s actually worried about children’s welfare? Sesame Street! Oliver stops by the old hood to sing a song with Elmo, Rosita, and Oscar about lead poisoning. If that doesn’t get you to start caring, then you’re basically a monster who lives in a trash can — or one of the aforementioned Republicans!

John Oliver & Sesame Street Take on Lead Poison