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Did Jon Snow Come Back From the Dead on Game of Thrones This Week?

Photo: HBO

Last season, Game of Thrones wrapped up its fifth season by killing Jon Snow, a death that many people believe will not be permanent. The show’s offseason has been dominated by the question of Jon’s potential return, and now, with season six officially in full swing, we’re launching a weekly series devoted to this question. So, did Jon Snow come back on Game of Thrones this week?

Our answer is: Yes. After a pep talk from Davos, Melisandre put aside her doubts in the Lord of Light and tried to bring Jon Snow back from the dead. And guess what? It worked! After everyone had left, Jon opened his eyes. Congratulations, Jon Snow, you’re no longer dead. (Now read on to learn more about what that could mean.)

This has been “Will Jon Snow Come Back From the Dead This Week?”

Did Jon Snow Come Back on GOT This Week?