Kanye Loves Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim’s ‘Famous’ Parody Just As Much As You Do

Funny guys. Photo: Getty Images

Comedians have been doing Kanye better than Kanye for years, but never has he admitted it … until now. Earlier this month, Aziz “Lil Bud” Ansari and his Master of None co-star Eric “Big Bud” Wareheim took some time off from filming the show’s second season in Rome to frolic around the Italian capital, stuff their faces, hump cars, the usual — all to the tune of Kanye West’s “Famous,” featuring Rihanna. They bromanced hard, and if there’s one person in this world who appreciates male bonding, it’s Kanye. So much so that he’s now made Ansari and Wareheim’s gleeful parody the song’s official video, according to Wareheim, whose comedy collective JASH has confirmed the news. “Eric uploaded it on his own YouTube channel with the help of JASH, a comedy collective that he helped found, when Kanye agreed to have it be the official music video for the song,” says a rep. So unlike Zach Galifianakis, Seth Rogen, and James Franco before them, Aziz and Eric can say they finally out-Kanyed Kanye, with his permission. Salute!

Update: Kanye’s publicist has confirmed to Vulture that, sadly, Aziz and Eric’s spoof is not the official video. But Kanye and his team do think it’s great, so Aziz and Eric will always have that.

Kanye Approves of Aziz’s ‘Famous’ Parody