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The Surreal Lady Dynamite Trailer: Maria Bamford Loses Her Marbles, But Gains Lots of Life Lessons

Maria Bamford must endure a big mental breakdown to find her true self, according to Lady Dynamite’s trailer. Her semi-autobiographical comedy, coming from Pam Brady and Mitchell Hurwitz, notably incorporates time jumps to unspool its surreal story. (It will also have optimistic medical terms, rodent punches, and urination-inducing cymbal crashes.) All episodes hit Netflix on May 20, which gives you about a month to re-watch Bloodline and prep, at the very least, for the flashes. “What’s that one show in Florida with Sissy Spacek in it?” the comedian told us last week. “Yeah, [this is] that, with me.”

Here’s the Surreal Trailer for Lady Dynamite