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Le Bataclan Will Reopen Just After the One-Year Anniversary of the Paris Attacks

Reconstruction Of The Bataclan Paris Attacks In Paris
Le Bataclan. Photo: Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Le Bataclan, the venue where 89 people were killed in the Paris terror attacks last November 13, is set to reopen just after the one-year anniversary of the attack. The theater’s owners have announced that Pete Doherty will play the first show on November 16, followed by Youssou N’Dour on November 18, Nada Surf on December 2, and Mz on December 3. “The work of renovation of the Bataclan have started. They consist of the rehabilitation of all the infrastructure and facilities of the room without, however, changing the layout of this one. We’re going to try to preserve its warmth and friendliness. We want to maintain the spirit, popular and festive, who has always been hers,” Le Bataclan owners said in a statement. The venue currently has no set date to reopen prior to the first show. Le Bataclan owners had previously promised the venue’s fans, as well as all of France, that they “would not surrender” to terrorists and fear.

Le Bataclan to Reopen a Year After Paris Attacks