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Lena Dunham Reflects on Whether Her Crotch Shot on Season 5 Would Preclude Her From Running for Office. No, Right?

Honestly, if the only part of Lena Dunham running for president were her non-sentient disembodied vagina, we could do a lot worse. And probably will! The Girls star and her showrunner Jenni Konner stopped by Late Night last night to address a number of salient topics, specifically whether or not Hannah’s vagina shot in Season Five’s “Hello Kitty” episode constitutes porn and thus would preclude her from one day becoming an elected official. It’s 2016, girl! Being a literal cartoon villain can’t stop you from running. Dunham and Konner also subsequently stanned hard for Khloe Kardashian, which would honestly be enough of a platform to birth a third party and take the 2016 election.

Lena Dunham Reflects on Girls’ Bottomless Scene