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Breaking News: Let’s Talk About Those Kittens in Do-Rags From Key and Peele’s Movie Keanu

The phrase “Cat in the Hat” used to bring up images of a very tall, and let’s just say it, very creepy Mike Myers in costume. But now, thanks to Key and Peele’s new movie, Keanu, it brings up a new image: One of a very teeny adorable kitten in a do-rag and chain necklace. The Hollywood Reporter did a hot exposé on the seven kittens used to play Keanu, a kitten who gets kidnapped by a drug lord in the new film.

This is either Nacho or Jeffe or Squibword or one of the other four kittens. Photo: Warner Brothers

They had names like Nacho and Jeffe and Squibword, and they had faces like cute and cute and cute. When asked if he’d used CGI kittens for certain scenes, including the shoot-out, director Peter Atencio told the studio, “No, we have to use real cats. You have to see the cuteness!” So the cats were taught to dodge exploding squibs, tolerate hats, and be adorable. Just kidding, they didn’t have to learn that. Read the full article about the seven Keanu kittens here, you’re welcome.

A kitten shows Peele how to be the cutest thing ever. Photo: Warner Brothers
Let’s Talk About the Kittens of Keanu