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A Monster Calls Trailer: If The BFG Were a Tree With the Dulcet Voice of Liam Neeson

There must always be movies about little kids and their giant monster friends. In A Monster Calls, that giant monster friend is Liam Neeson —  well, technically he’s a tree. In the latest trailer for the film, we see Lewis MacDougall as the sad little boy, and Felicity Jones — already playing mothers, apparently — as the boy’s mother, who lives with some sort of terrible illness. Luckily, the Neeson tree is onhand for moral support, and also a bit of nightmare fuel. No, this is not The BFG, but Mark Rylance and Liam Neeson will have to fight to the death at this year’s Oscars for the title of Best Giant Monster Friend, as Academy bylines stipulate.

Liam Neeson Is a Tree in A Monster Calls Trailer