Lifetime Is Developing a Shakespearean Horror Anthology Show and Inexplicably They Didn’t Start With Romeo and Booliet

Photo: Fox Searchlight

Shakespeare would be rolling in his grave now, if he hadn’t already clawed his way free and staggered to the Globe Theatre to disembowel the cast of Hamlet. That’s a great idea, free and available for use in the Shakespearean horror anthology series currently being developed by Lifetime. As of now, however, the show’s first installment is A Midsummer’s Nightmare (an adaptation of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream), written by Anthony Jaswinski, about “two young lovers on a getaway in the woods who wind up in a struggle to survive as friends arrive to lure them home.” Each season will focus on a different modern reinterpretation of a play by the Bard, all of which will presumably also have spooky pun names. Just throwing these out there: MacDeath, HamLochNessMonster and, most terrifyingly of all, Henry V Except the V Is Actually the Blade of a Knife and It Is Stabbing You.

Lifetime to Develop Shakespeare Horror Anthology