Louis C.K. Says ‘Horace and Pete’ Put Him ‘Millions of Dollars in Debt’

Louis C.K.’s new series Horace and Pete just wrapped up its 10-episode run (check out our review here), and it turns out that C.K.’s latest experimental release hasn’t been yielding the kind of profits he had hoped for – at least, not yet. Speaking to Howard Stern today, C.K. revealed that the original plan was to use the profits from episodes 1-4 to pay for the remaining episodes, but said profits – which actors like Steve Buscemi and Alan Alda would get a cut from as payment for their performances – never materialized:

Have you made your money back on this thing yet? No, I didn’t. As a matter of fact, after four episodes, the whole idea was I’m not gonna have to spend my own money after that. Because I didn’t promote the show. I didn’t tell anybody about it cause here’s the thing: I got so excited by the idea of having a show appear from nothing. So I made the first four and I didn’t tell nobody, and it made a nice little amount of money, but when I got to episode 4 I was like “Hey gang, I don’t have any money!” So I had to take out a line of credit. How much are you in the hole for? Uh, you know…millions of dollars. I’m millions of dollars in debt right now.

As C.K. notes, though, Horace and Pete just wrapped up and will no doubt rack up more sales in the coming months, but considering C.K. said every episode cost $500k to make, it sounds like it might be a while until he starts to make money off the project. Listen to the excerpt from the Stern interview below, as well as some other clips of C.K. discussing Horace and Pete, SNL, Louie, Garry Shandling, and more:

Louis C.K. Says ‘Horace and Pete’ Put Him ‘Millions of […]