you mads?

Mads Mikkelsen Either Reveals the Identity of His Rogue One Character, or Trolls Us All With That Gleeful Nordic Smile

Rest in peace, Mads Mikkelsen, who lived a full and happy life until a Disney PR squad took him out for revealing secrets about Star Wars. Mikkelsen is in the cast of Rogue One, but noticeably absent from the trailer, which focuses on Felicity Jones’s Jyn Erso. Mikkelsen, maverick that he is, has decided to let the secret slip. In an interview with Sky News, the Hannibal star promised that he couldn’t reveal anything about his character’s identity, before accidentally saying that he’s Jyn’s father (at about 1:20 in the clip). That’s big news, especially in a franchise that’s obsessed with parent-child relationships. In the trailer, for instance, we learn that Jyn has been on her own from the age of 15, which means that meeting Mikkelsen’s character could be crucial to her emotional arc — and that someone at Lucasfilm is really mad right now.

But can we trust Mikkelsen? The audience is shocked, and he seems pretty embarrassed, which gives the news an air of authenticity. In the past, Mikkelsen has promised that his character is “actually not a bad guy.” Neither is his daughter, though that doesn’t quite explain their estrangement. On the other hand, Mikkelsen might just be playing a joke. The guy was Hannibal Lecter. He knows how to mess with people. So, does anyone have access to Google Translate for Danish humor?

Mads Mikkelsen Drops Some Rogue One Spoilers