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Maisie Williams Surprised Fans by Crashing Their Game of Thrones Party: Imagine If You Got to Watch the Premiere Next to Her

Photo: maisie_williams/Instagram

Maisie Williams crashed a Game of Thrones premiere viewing party that some UCLA students had, and she even brought snacks. Williams took to Instagram to tell the 12-part story, which began when she tweeted the following: “ANY @UCLA STUDENTS HAVING A VIEWING PARTY TONIGHT? TWEET A PICTURE OF YOUR PARTY USING #GAMEOFTHRONES FOR A SURPRISE.” After she selected the coolest-looking party (they had Game of Thrones–themed snacks!), she headed over to surprise the lucky fans. Notable highlights include a blackboard on which attendees were placing bets on whether Jon Snow is dead or not. Williams was the only person who voted for dead, and she is on the show, so that gives her some authority. There’s also a video of one of the two hosts of the party, a film student named Mark, telling his guests that they won some goodies from HBO and then bringing Williams in to surprise everyone. That’s much better than a free Stark T-shirt! Imagine watching the season premiere of Game of Thrones on a couch next to Maisie Williams and looking over at her reactions to every major moment and trying to analyze her expressions to guess what will happen next. Just imagine.

Maisie Williams Crashed a Game of Thrones Party