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Maisie Williams Has the Most Comfortable Game of Thrones Costume, Has Gamed the System

Maisie Williams spends her time on Game of Thrones dressed like a boy, which could be seen as unglamorous, yes, but she actually ended up winning the actress costume lottery. You see, while her fellow female Game of Thrones stars are running around in tight corsets and cumbersome dresses, Arya is chillin’ in boys’ clothes, which are, and have always been, way more comfortable than girls’ clothes, because life is unfair. She stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to point out that she actually gamed the costume system. Basically, she’s off the hook, corsetwise, and gets to lounge around in a comfortable and forgiving sack. In fact, Maisie Williams had to wear a corset for A Storm in the Stars, her upcoming film about the romance between Percy and Mary Shelley, during which she was reminded how not fun it is to not be able to breathe properly. She couldn’t wait to don her sack again. Once you go sack, you never go back.

Maisie Williams Has the Best GoT Costume